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STAY STRAPPED - Never lose a pair of sunglasses again. Ukes Premium Sunglass Straps will fit securely around the ends of your sunglasses, and keep them on your face. It's inexpensive insurance for your expensive sunglasses.

UNIQUE DESIGNS - Choose a style or two that fits your lifestyle, personality, or occasion. The soft Neoprene material compliments the sunglass holder strap colors and patterns that will have friends asking "Where'd you get those?"
SOFT - We've sought out the softest, most comfortable material for our Ukes eyewear retainer. The premium Neoprene material is comfy, water proof, and stain resistant. 
DURABLE Ukes sunglass straps can withstand all the elements. They are built to last and won't fade or fall apart. We use them every day!
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We absolutely stand by our products. If at any time you're not satisfied with your Ukes glasses strap, go ahead and send it back.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
100% of the time, they work 100% of the time

Look, they're just great. Don't even bother reading reviews, just get yourself like 2 or 3 different patterns of these bad boys. Tight fit on the frames so your glasses don't slip out of the Ukes, and great fit around your head so they don't slip off your tiny melon. Great product, great pricepoint. Oh, and definitely sign up for the newsletter. You get a flippin' bogo promo straight out the gate!

alexander hunter
Awesome product!

You will not be disappointed and comes in great designs!

Better than expected

Its effortless to slip the sunglass strap on and off the glasses. I have expensive sunglasses that I can't afford to lose so it gives me peace of mind.

Good gift

I bought these as a gift. The anchors are a cute print : )

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